Our rides

Thrill Rides


Spinning on top of spinning. Hold on tight on the zipper!

Round Up

Up and down you'll spin, pressed to the wall no matter the angle.


Round and round you go. Hold on or you're sure to be squished!


35mph centrifugal forces will have you floating.


Want to feel what it's like to ride a wave?

Music Fest

Hold on. You're about to go for a groovy ride!

Family Rides

Gondola Wheel

Take in the whole fair from the heights of the Ferris Wheel.

Merry Go Round

A classic carnival experience -- the Merry Go Round.

Super Slide

Grab a sack and race to the bottom. This is no average slide!

Dizzy Dragon

Spine to your family's delight on the Dizzy Dragon.

Crazy Bus

The wheels on this bus go round and round (and up and down).


Practice your moon jumping skills on the Bungee.

Musical Chairs

You wont find this swing at your local playground.

Mardi Gras

Challenge yourself through the mirror maze glass house.

Classic Ferris Wheel

Enjoy a spin on a classic ferris wheel.

Kiddie Rides

Go Gator

Hold on tight kids. This gator's moving!

Taxi Jet

These are no ordinary taxis. They take off!

Hampton Combo

Beep beep. Fire truck's coming through.

Train Station

Chug-a chuga-a. Choo choo! All aboard at the Train Station.

Tea Cups

This is one wild tea party. Hold on to your cups!

Scooby Shack

An adventure fit for Shaggy, Scooby, and the gang.

Manels Fire Engine

The youngsters are able to get behind the wheel of this classic Coney Island Ride.

Sabertooth Slide

Slide down this 33' tall inflatable slide!

Fire Dog Bounce House

Jump jump! It's time to bounce.

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